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Nurturing the relationship and bond between a dog and its family is what I do best. I founded my training methods on the belief that kindness, compassion and empathy is the key to engaging with our canine friends, helping you live in harmony with your dog.

My methods are modern, kind and effective using only force free techniques to achieve the best results. Unwanted behaviour can sometimes make life a misery for both dog and owner, but by ‘thinking dog’ and seeing things from their perspective, such behaviour can be modified successfully.

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In a perfect world every dog would have a home, and every home would have a dog. With a young family, a partially sighted adolescent puppy and rescue Collie, I can fully empathise with the training and behaviour challenges dogs can bring! My methods are modern, fun, engaging and effective and will help to secure your family bond; helping you to live in harmony with your dog.

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I am proud to be a Clever Dog Company Method Licensed Trainer. This licence has been awarded to me by the world famous and renowned Pet Behaviour Counsellor, Sarah Whitehead (BA, MSc).

I offer tailored 1-1 training and behaviour home visits around Mary Tavy, Brentor, Lydford, Tavistock, and the surrounding areas of Launceston, Plymouth and Okehampton.

Preparing your Dog for life after lockdown

With having almost a whole year with family at home, even Dogs who have never experienced separation anxiety may have some challenges, download my FREE GUIDE on how to prepare your dog for this new chapter.