Training Testimonial : Leo

We had just gotten our first puppy, a beautiful male golden retriever we called Leo. As first time owners we had been feeling quite overwhelmed with the whole experience and worried about raising a well behaved dog. We had quite a few issues with him trying to eat everything in site and especially worried about stones. He would go a bit mad sometimes and bark incessantly so we worried about the neighbours, and additionally with barking, pulling, and jumping at people and dogs , we had been very worried as we have quite elderly and young family members who wouldn’t be able to cope with that when he gets bigger.

We signed up while he was still young to Louisa’s platinum training package to help us get off to the best start with him. Louisa was fantastic at reassuring us, and working through positive reinforcement excercises with us. Louisa has a fantastic attitude and energy and Leo immediately loved her.  

With her help we quickly progressed with obedience, toy play, and lead walking. He picked up sit and lying down very quickly, Louisa taught us how to get him to drop things which helped massively when he tried to pick up stones, taught us settling excercises when he got a bit much, and worked a lot on calm behaviour when meeting others and walking nicely on the lead.  

All of the excercises we learned with Louisa we continue to reinforce, and already at 15 weeks old Leo is a wonderful and calm dog to be with, and we feel much more confident and calm ourselves now as owners. We can’t thank Louisa enough for all her help and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone.