Hi! I’m Louisa Charlotte,

dog trainer and behaviour specialist

Based in Mary Tavy, Tavistock, I qualified in 2008 to realise my lifelong dream to help dogs and their owners build rewarding relationships. Through fun, engaging and intuitive techniques I use simple methods to develop well-mannered canines who live in harmony with your household.

I am always keeping my knowledge up to date through regular training, webinars, reading and working with our two lovely collies, our rescue girl Jessie and our partially sighted, adolescent Armin.

Nurturing the relationship and bond between a dog and its family is what I do best. My methods are modern, kind and effective using only force free techniques to achieve the best results. Unwanted behaviour can sometimes make life a misery for both dog and owner, but by ‘thinking dog’, using positive verbal communication and seeing things from their perspective, such behaviour can be modified successfully.

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why choose me?

Life’s not always simple, I have first-hand experience of dealing with and building trust and relationships with high energy rescue dogs. From puppies with disabilities, to adolescent dogs who have arrived ‘shut down’, my passion is nurturing these dogs to be the best they can be. Nothing compares the feeling of happiness and success (eventually!) when they become part of the family fold.

I can empathise with young families and understand the challenges that come with a lively household. I have been there myself, having a young family and high energy rescue collies, I have first-hand knowledge of the challenges for both dog and owner. But I have developed simple to implement force free techniques to change environment driven issues developing bond, resting contentment and confidence.

I understand the importance of not only human/dog relationships but also how they react with other dogs in their own environment and out in public. Working with your dog on coping strategies will not only make your dog more relaxed, but also you on a walk out!

Are you ready to get started?

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Clever Dog Company

Louisa is proud to be a Clever Dog Company Method Licensed Trainer. This licence has been awarded to her by the world famous and renowned Pet Behaviour Counsellor, Sarah Whitehead (BA, MSc).

Louisa has attended several of Sarah Whitehead’s Clever Dog Company courses, including the Think Dog Advanced, Learn to Talk Dog, Canine Sex Hormones and Neutering, and the Think Dog Practical Handling course.

Louisa is also a member of Sarah Whitehead’s Inner Circle: The UK’s only online mentoring and CPD platform bringing together and supporting trainers, behaviourists and canine professionals.