Training Testimonial : Billy

What is the Dog’s Breed?

Labrador Cross

What issues were the owners experiencing?

4 year old recue dog. Reactive and very nervous especially around other dogs. Problems with resource guarding and all training needed refreshing.  

What training / package did they receive?

5 weeks 1 on 1 (Platinum training course)  


Basic commands and manners greatly improved and Billy is now very sociable and relaxed around people. Resource guarding has almost disappeared and we can now pick up his toys, bones etc with very little reaction. He is better around other dogs, this is something we will keep working at and it will take time but thanks to Louisa we are now much better equipped to deal with the problem.

Owner quote

Training lessons with Louisa were friendly, fun and informative and Billy enjoyed them too. There were plenty of hints and tips with weekly goals to achieve. If you are willing to commit this training is extremely effective and we would not hesitate to contact Louisa again should we encounter further problems. Altogether a very positive and enjoyable experience and a much happier dog!