Training Testimonial : Teddy

What is the Dog’s Breed?

English Springer Spaniel

What issues were the owners experiencing?

Resource guarding, problems with handling the dog, general anxious behaviour

What training / package did they receive?

3 training sessions  


More responsive to our commands, better relationship with dog, improvements in ability to handle dog, strategies to manage and combat resource guarding

Owner quote

We knew that Teddy’s behaviour was never going to be an overnight fix, but since we’ve started working with Louisa we have seen improvements in all aspects of his personality and behavioural issues. Even the vets, who he is terrified of, have said that they were able to interact and handle him with more ease than before. We were impressed by her kind and calm manner with Teddy, especially as his behaviour stems from his anxiety (which Louisa explained to us), so this approach was very needed. We feel more confident that we will one day have his problem behaviours under control following the slow and steady methods that Louisa has provided us. Her commitment to Teddy’s (and our!) progress has been encouraging to see, thank you for all your help so far.