Training Testimonial : Roo

What is the Dog’s Breed?

Mastiff Cross

What issues were the owners experiencing?

Aggression with other dogs, high prey drive, poor recall 

What training / package did they receive?

3 weeks 1 on 1 (Gold training course)  


Improved bond between owner and dog, better understanding of dog’s motivation and therefore owner more aware of how to work with the dog, a happier dog and a happier owner.

Owner quote

Louisa is not like the stereotypical dog trainer I have feared before, she shows empathy and understanding for both owner and dog and at no time makes you feel stupid. Louisa’s methods are clearly grounded in theory and get results. I would highly recommend Louisa to anyone in need of help with their four legged friend – you will end up with a happier four legged friend and therefore a happier you!